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We carry all major brands of bowling balls and equipment. The key to choosing the right ball is understanding the differences between bowling balls and knowing what you are trying to achieve with your new bowling ball purchase. Our informed staff can help you with these decisions.

If we do not have something in stock, we can normally have it within a few days. Please check out the pricing of some of our Best Sellers listed below through the manufacturer links. Stop by the Shop or give us a call to get all the details!

AMF Brunswick Columbia 300
Ebonite Hammer Track Bowling
Motiv 900 Global Lane #1
Visionary Storm Bowling    Roto Grip Radical Bowling



(please note online pricing may be different)

Balls Un-Drilled Drilling Price Drilled
Columbia 300
Scout-R 79.95 40.00 119.95
White Dot 49.95 30.00 79.95
Nitrous 89.95 60.00 149.95
Game Breaker Series 119.95 60.00 179.95
Maxim 49.95 30.00 79.95
RipD Series 169.95 60.00 229.95
Scandal/S 159.95 60.00 219.95
Black Widow Series 139.95 60.00 199.95
Vibe 126.95 60.00 186.95
 Urethane Series 126.95 60.00 186.95
Roto Grip
Cell/Halo 169.95 60.00 229.95
Idol 139.95 60.00 199.95
Show-Off Series 109.95 60.00 169.95
Hustle Series 109.95 60.00 169.95
Storm Bowling
Intense/Code Series 174.95 60.00 234.95
Phaze II 159.95 60.00 219.95
Son!q 159.95 60.00 219.95
Hy-Road Series 129.95 60.00 189.95
Tropical Series 89.95 60.00 149.95
Mix 64.95 30.00 94.95

Our drilled prices include professional fitting, drilling and weight balance. Finger and thumb inserts are extra. If you have any questions, please ask - we will be happy to assist you! We have been in business for over 35 years and pride ourselves on quality service at competitive prices. Our custom fitting and drilling is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you like our work, please tell others…if you don't, please tell us!

Also, We offer a 15% Discount for USBC Juniors & Seniors on All Bowling Equipment.

Ray Orf, Rich Orf and Staff

Pre-Owned Bowling Balls

We Also offer a variety of High Performance Pre-Owned Bowling Balls.
Call (314) 631 9188 to talk to a staff member for the current list and pricing.