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Storm Sync
Well I was eagerly awaiting the release of this ball after throwing it as a test ball at the Ray Orf's demo day back in October. I got a chance to throw this ball with a weaker layout and was eager to see what it could do with a stronger layout. I did get two of these balls and figured I would drill one I could use more and one that I would primarily use on the slicker patterns in the St. Louis Masters league and tournaments. The picture posted has the ball drilled with the pin about the fingers and the mass bias about 1 3/4 inches from the thumb. I polished this ball from the start because I wanted it to get some added length. I have used this ball a few times and I can say for an asymmetrical ball this ball has plenty of movement on the back-end. I typically have trouble with asymmetrical balls burning up and losing energy, however this one does not do that. If you are looking for something that picks up in the mid-lane but still has back-end end this is the ball for you!

Storm Reign of Power
When I got news of this ball I was really nervous about drilling it up and being able to use it at all. A few years ago Storm released the Reign of Fire, a strong early rolling ball. I never drilled a ROF but I did notice that the ball had a tendency to lose motion down lane causing the ball to hit weak. I can say I am happy that I drilled the ball like I did, because this is the perfect ball when the lanes are a little too tight for my !Q! Tour Solid #1. This ball comes out of the box sanded at 1000 grit. I instantly took some polish to this ball for the length that I need with my medium speed. The first real chance I got to throw this ball was a few weeks ago at DuBowl when the lanes were a little slicker and there was less back-end, and I managed a 300 game! If you are looking for a symmetrical ball with a heavier type of roll this is a must have.

Storm !Q Tour Pearl
With my love the !Q Tour Solid I couldn't wait for this ball to be release. Those who know well know my favorite ball of all time was the T-Road Pearl. That ball ignored the first 30-35 feet of the lane and just unleashed on the back-end. I think over the years I have probably drilled 5 or 6 T-Road Pearls. The !Q Tour Pearl features the same great R2S Pearl coverstock and the lower differential C3 core. I can say that if you are looking for the hockey stick type of reaction I don't think anything on the market compares to this beautiful golf ball! This ball provides great length(not quite T-Road Pearl length) and has a great back-end reaction. If you bowl in tournaments and are forced to the middle of the lane and have to get the ball back this is the ball for you!